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Sunday, October 1

well, good gracious it's been a while since I used this...I'm certain no one is reading it (haha unless anyone is really so lame as to check a blog that's gone two+ years unedited). I'm working to figure out a load of things in my life right now, and this might be a good way to hash out my thoughts. Help me if you have insights! xoxoxo
amanda @ 3:46 PM


Wednesday, July 21

hmmm...though i truly ought to be reading some more latin american history (or any at all, really), i think today is an ideal day to start up this little thing again. i've been lazy recently and i really need to get back on track with a lot of things. school, nutrition, exercise, prayer...basically everything important. so i hereby create a contract, binding myself to better health in all aspects of my life. i will be conscious of my duties to my self and to others, and i will act according to that duty. i sound like kant, for goodness' sake. time to start living a morally valuable life. time to move my seedy little self from the rocky soil to the rich stuff.
amanda @ 8:04 PM


Sunday, October 12

you know you have a good fella when he'll buy the box of cinnamon toast crunch that comes with a free scrabble cd just because he knows you love word games, despite his preference for monopoly.
amanda @ 8:51 PM


Tuesday, September 23

oh my i forgot to mention that cody nearly attacked weird-craig from across the street. cody is sort of silly sometimes. most times, actually. craig was pretty amiable about it. i think he dropped out of high school because he didn't get into jefferson and now just lives at home and mows the lawn a lot. i think i'd be amiable if that's all i did, too. oh wait--i am amiable. usually.
amanda @ 10:57 PM


la la lala la la (that's supposed to be the smurfs theme song) i'm stuck at home because of the hurricane and now i'm just a little bit running out of things to do. thus, the (second) resurrection of this site. indeed, there are more productive things i could be doing, but it's nighttime and i don't feel like working and basically it's this or tv. today i was very useless as a member of the world community. i made a lot of friendship bracelets, though. and sat on the front porch for a wee while with becs and her roomie, alison, chatting away and making collages out of dead leaves and sticks. it was thrilling. also, i watched dr. phil, the big lebowski, and newlyweds: nick and jessica. oh yes, my life is enviable. is that a word? the world may never know. you know what IS a word, though? pederast. take that, rossy. ornery, however, is also a word. it does not mean mischievous.
amanda @ 10:54 PM


Sunday, March 30

is anybody reading this? if you are, im me and maybe i'll start updating it again...
amanda @ 6:34 PM


Wednesday, December 11

my fortune cookie from last night: "you are capable, competent, creative and careful [in bed]"...hahaha i always knew those cookies were wiser than people give them credit for being.
amanda @ 2:20 PM


'twas a very good day, indeed. mongolian dinner with propho friends, IT (improvisational theater) show with the girls, and james bond with some other friends...and now i'm on the phone with my ross, so i must go.
amanda @ 2:02 AM


Tuesday, December 10

so i'm sitting here alone in the house working on my papers half-naked when i hear a knock at the door..."eh, it's probably the fedex guy," i think, "no need to rush down and answer it"...then i think i hear the door now i'm like, "okay, it's a roommate. no big deal." and then, a man's voice. eek. so i frantically put on pants and a bra and grab my phone (i have the cops on my speeddial) and run downstairs. "hello?" it's an old man. he looks at me as if we've met a million times and it's completely normal that he's in my living room. turns out he was from berkeley and was just inspecting the house. we talked about the plumbing and he tested the fire alarms, and that was that. but man, you'd think they'd call ahead of time or something...meanwhile, i'm still clothed. just in case someone else wanders in unannounced.
amanda @ 3:34 PM


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