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Friday, March 8

a couple things:

1. k.t. oppenheimer is the greatest person that ever lived and i can't believe i didn't know that until a couple years ago. her most recent accomplishment as greastest person that ever lived was making me custard because she knew i couldn't eat solid foods. isn't she great? everyone should hug her and tell her about how wonderful and pretty she is.

2. speaking of k.t., i meant to say this on saturday night but forgot. so, i went to that concert with my mom and sister and some of my sister's friends and their moms (they're all checking out jefferson because they applied and made the first cut and are trying to decide whether or not it's for them). and, anyway, we were driving to go pick up one of my sister's friends and she lived right down the parkway off the neighborhood on the right that you pass before you get to k.t.'s. so i'm thinking "hey, this looks familiar...when was i here before?" and then we turn down the girl's private drive and i see a red corvette and it all comes back to me. it was the same corvette that we peed on over winter break and which caused us to be chased with baseball bats and then forced us to engage in a high speed chase and run to the cops for salvation! isn't that weird? and this girl's family apparently knows the dude pretty well and he's like 50something and unmarried and really unfriendly to everyone. which means we weren't being chased by kids at all, like we thought. we were being chased by a maniacal middle-aged man and his sidekick. scary, right? whoa.

3. i'm talking to zach and i think he deserves more of my attention. so, later kids and cheerio.
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Thursday, March 7

so i had a follow-up doctor's appointment today and everything's a-okay and beautiful :) no infections or dry sockets or anything bad. and he says i should be feeling 100% goodness again by the end of the weekend--just in time to go back to school. ugh. i don't feel like going to class again yet...but i guess there is a bright side of the whole thing: once i'm back there, i get to see the lovely bronzed skin of all my friends who spent the week on the beaches of the keys! oh no wait, that's not a bright side at least i only have 2 months or so till freedom and love and jamaica! plus i'm going to be home every darned weekend in march...which will either make the time fly or crawl, i'm not sure which...we'll see, i guess. anyway, i think i need to eat because by golly all of a sudden i'm overtaken by hunger.
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Wednesday, March 6

my mom just discovered this site (obviously, because she was sitting next to me...) and her first words were, "who reads this? there are a lot of perverts out there, you know...all those dirty pedofiles..." oh, mom.
amanda @ 8:15 PM


today was supposed to be the worst post-op day, which means it should be all uphill from here! yay for that. regardless of how cute it is, i'm getting a little sick of my puffy chipmunk face--i swear my cheeks must be twice their normal size. don't you just wish you were here to see it? my parents have been trying to get me to take a picture with my swollen face and ice on my head, but i won't allow any such thing...why would i want to remember looking so goofy? :) silly parents. in fact, my mommy's sitting here with me right this very minute! yay mommy! she ordered me a new mattress pad today, so i like her a lot.
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Tuesday, March 5

little ms. surgery is going strong...and sally, the coldness i felt yesterday was because i had ice tied around my head, you silly nilly. anyway, i'm still feeling pretty fine--possibly because i'm taking some heavy duty narcotics and i'm a little high all the time. funfun! i've been spending my day with a puppy in my lap and a whole lot of "personal TLC" so i'm definitely in one of my babies-marriage-love funks. and my brother's really jealous because i've turned out to be a whole heck of a lot tougher than his personal-trainer/body-builder/heartless-lawyer self. ha! though i must admit, rinsing my mouth out with salt water is quite possibly the most disgusting thing i've ever had to do. yuck. and another thing that sucks: my schoolfriends are probably arriving in key west right about now...and i'm not. grrrr. could be worse, though. i could be a big wimp like my brother.
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Monday, March 4

i'm still alive! four teeth lighter than i was this morning, but feeling surprisingly good. plus i get to wear a lovely pantyhose and ice hat, so how could i complain? when i first got home i was pretty nauseated from the anesthesia (sp?) and everything was numb...but now i'm okay. the pain hasn't been bad at all yet, which is a relief--but we'll see what i'm saying about that tomorrow and the next day. i've pretty much regained feeling in my tongue, and my chin/lower jaw is beginning to have a more tingly foot-fell-asleep type feeling than the complete numbness i felt earlier. i'm a little worried about the numbness in my chin because the roots of my bottom teeth were developed to the point that they were intertwined with some major nerves...scary. but the surgeon called to check up on me about a half hour ago and claims that no damage was done :) so that's how i'm doing! thanks for all the love and good wishes! now it's time for some spaghetti cut into teeny tiny pieces! woohoo!
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Sunday, March 3

i just figured out that room and board cost $1000 more than it said on the college's website (where we got the numbers we had been using to calculate everything)...which means that we're actually saving hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of dollars by living in this house next year! yay! still have to convince the mommy, though...
amanda @ 2:28 PM


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