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Friday, December 6

the chronology of my day, by amanda alba.
1. woke up mostly on time and got a ride to class (woohoo!)
2. final spanish class. also, most fun spanish class. heidi and laura and i were in the silliest moods and prof. buck liked it and let us recite poetry interpretively to the class even though we were supposed to be discussing puerto rican stereotypes and struggles and such. that was pretty cool. everyone seemed to be entertained by our antics, and even if they weren't, we were...and that's all that really matters to me.
3. final econ class. also, most fun. troy (my professor) had set up this whole review game to help us get some weird fake form of extra credit and the whole class was just ridiculous and laughy and much like high school. chris somehow had me convinced me that i would kiss troy if the circumstances were right...and then i wrote it on the course evaluation. he'll probably like to see that, though, so no harm done.
4. walked home with chris...called mom after we forked at phi tau because she left a message on my phone during class. apparently school was cancelled and they have six inches of snow (which is substantial for northern va) and my parents stayed home just for kicks, too. so it was a party in my house. meanwhile, my hand just about froze to the phone, which wasn't so hot. haha--get it?
5. came home to the smell of caroline's newest soup creation, which was pretty darn good. we sat in the kitchen and chatted for a while...this is a terribly unnecessary detail of my
6. we ran errands. i bought cardstock and made invitations for megan's party on saturday.
7. mormontime! i read some more of the book of mormon and stood outside and shivered with my elders (they're not allowed to come in our house because we're girls and they aren't) while they taught me more about their religion...and they're really hardcore trying with all their might to convert me, but i'm just not feeling it. we'll see. regardless, i'm enjoying learning about it all--definitely something worthwhile.
8. dinner...i guess. i haven't been hungry for like a million years. i ate something just because i know i need to do so in order to sustain my life.
9. came upstairs and then realized it was friends time so i "had" to go watch friends with carol...wasn't a very good episode. if you missed it, don't worry about it. you were probably doing something far more interesting and amusing.
10. rehearsal :) handed out the invites and we practiced carols and songs for this weekend's adventure into cw. i'm getting excited! then wandered around in the cold for about a week trying to find jon's car. then carpooled home.

...and that's about it. apparently, i only did 10 things today. hmmm...i played in karen's room for a while after rehearsal...wrote my and caroline's names on our stockings. now i think i need to declutterize and maybe do some reading. did i mention i only have one class left until the commencement of all things good? booya, grandma.
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Wednesday, December 4

what a splendid day! i woke up late but i still got there on time (which never happens even if i wake up early) AND my hair froze which was cool AND i got to hang out with becca afterward because we got out of class early. then i sat in the library and didn't want to study so i went down in the basement to find a book to read and scrounged up the screwtape letters and sat and read half of's not at all what i expected, but it's definitely interesting and good. no mere christianity, but really, what is? um so after i did that for a while the basement got really cold and i went upstairs and read some IR and skipped my discussion--i'm oh so responsible...and then i went to my last IR lecture and another discussion and then fred and i stalked chill guy and learned his name by listening to the roll when prof. ward called it. yes, we are really weird. laura came along and made fun of us and fred denied ever having interest. but i know you were interested in him, too, fred. i know the truth. you even noticed his clothes and diligent-note-taking skills! anyway, that ended when we lost him in millington. so we went to the uc and i told them i wasn't eating and got in free but then ate cake. and everyone thought we were dating. until fred announced that we weren't. and then i had an officer's meeting and dinner with my a cappella group. good times. and then i came home and talked to my rossy and played with karen and then carol and karen and i went to see reveille at wren in the SNOW! :) everything is getting so pretty esp. our housey with its wreath! too bad we still haven't moved the pumpkins off the front porch...kinda ruins the image. and now i'm sitting here not working and listening to raffi christmas music, thanks to my lovely caroline. "reindeer sleigh, come our way, hohoho, cherry nose, cap on head, suit that's red, special night, beard that's white...must be santa!"
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um, actually they are working. i kick butt. as do all my not-so-bw girls with whom i was reacquainted tonight...we're an endangered species nowadays, ladies! though, i must admit--going extinct is far less traumatic than the environmentalists make it out to be.
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okay so i clearly have forgotten everything i ever knew about html and java...woohoo! which means it'll take me a little longer to get this fixed. my mood should be working, but yaccs is not cooperating, so be patient with the comments. and realize that the longer they're missing, the more i expect when they return.
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Tuesday, December 3

oh yes, i have returned. my old site self-destructed, you'll have to bear with me for a bit while i reconstruct the whole thing. shouldn't take too long, seeing as how i have no work to do this week :) that is, besides the reading i haven't done all semester and should probably do before exams. eh, maybe later. for now, i bid you farewell.
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