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Tuesday, September 23

oh my i forgot to mention that cody nearly attacked weird-craig from across the street. cody is sort of silly sometimes. most times, actually. craig was pretty amiable about it. i think he dropped out of high school because he didn't get into jefferson and now just lives at home and mows the lawn a lot. i think i'd be amiable if that's all i did, too. oh wait--i am amiable. usually.
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la la lala la la (that's supposed to be the smurfs theme song) i'm stuck at home because of the hurricane and now i'm just a little bit running out of things to do. thus, the (second) resurrection of this site. indeed, there are more productive things i could be doing, but it's nighttime and i don't feel like working and basically it's this or tv. today i was very useless as a member of the world community. i made a lot of friendship bracelets, though. and sat on the front porch for a wee while with becs and her roomie, alison, chatting away and making collages out of dead leaves and sticks. it was thrilling. also, i watched dr. phil, the big lebowski, and newlyweds: nick and jessica. oh yes, my life is enviable. is that a word? the world may never know. you know what IS a word, though? pederast. take that, rossy. ornery, however, is also a word. it does not mean mischievous.
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